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All donations support David in his work to end suffering.

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At the center of every human life stands one open door to true happiness. The same door invisibly waits in the midst of every community and every society, offering a way beyond conflict and cruelty. Every religious tradition is structured around the existence of this door and the various practices that can teach us both to see it and to access the courage required to climb to the threshold. It is our work in this life on Earth to step through the one door into a new and better life.


The name of the one open door is “selflessness”.

A clear path exists that leads to this door. Few choose to follow it, however. This is because the path demands a great sacrifice. In order to advance through the one open door we must renounce our self-centered orientation to life, and for a self this is the most difficult of all things to do. Yet it can be done—it must be done. It must be done as individuals if we are to each lead our true and natural lives. And

What Is the One Open Door?

it must be one as a human family if we are to live in harmony.


The purpose of this website is to provide support to those who are embarked upon this journey, and inspiration to those who dream of it.


May you be free from suffering, whoever you are. May you be happy. May you find your way and live in peace.

The One Open Door: 

        Adventures of a Zen Buddhist Monk

           a book by D.J. McKay

The One Open Door follows the adventures of the author as he seeks to free himself from the sorrow and unhappiness we all endure as humans on this earth.

He begins as a confused and desperate young man. As the story unfolds he discovers spiritual practice, he learns to look inward, and then, to his surprise and delight, he begins to see how suffering is caused. He spends some time struggling on his own to find his way, and as he does he begins to have real glimpses of happiness and

self-love. Then the big moment comes when he meets the person who will become his teacher. She inspires him to give his life to spiritual practice; for a full year he vacillates between ecstasy and horror until, finally, in a moment of blind courage and inspiration, he casts himself upon the mercy of the monastery she founded and asks for help. Eighteen years of silent Zen training follow. Over time, as he stumbles through every sort of scrape and pitfall imaginable, his commitment deepens, he acquires the tools of awareness practice, he grows up, and eventually he finds the love and acceptance he is searching for.


The story is full both of the teachings the author received and the profound, often strange, sometimes hilarious ways he received them. There is a way to end suffering. The One Open Door describes this way through the experience of one person. The book was written at the monastery with the hope that it might assist others to discover the practice of compassionate awareness that the author learned and that the Buddha taught so long ago.

Readers of The One Open Door say....

On the morning following the November election, I found myself in a deep depression.  I did not want to read the newspaper, watch any news channel on TV, or do anything that would remind me of the situation our country was about to face.  I aimlessly walked around the house, not knowing what to do.  I decided to read something that might distract me from this anxiety filled morning, but nothing immediately came to mind.  Then I recalled the book that our book group was about to start reading, and thought that this might be as good as anything at that moment.  The book was called The One Open Door by David McKay, and describes his experience as a Zen Buddhist monk over a period of 18 years.  I read the first 3 or 4 chapters, and found myself relaxing and becoming more centered with each turning page.  Clearly, this was just what I needed that day, and the days following, and allowed me to focus inward in finding a sense of peace that was missing when the day began.

Rarely are we willing to subject ourselves to intense self examination, for fear of what we just might find and the pain the finding might inflict. But D.J. McKay did just that, and his self analysis led him to a Buddhist Monastery in California. What courage it must have taken to lay his soul bare and begin anew . And what courage it must have taken for him to tell us his story. But he did just that in The One Open Door: Adventures of a Zen Buddhist Monk. Thank you, D.J., for sharing your experience in this thoughtful, soul-searing read.

I could not put down this book! This is a must read for anyone who is on the spiritual path. I am in awe of DJ McKay and the path he chose to take to advance himself and others spiritually. From my heart to yours.......

Amazing read. An eye opening experience into a world much greater than the mundane lifestyle of the regular human race.

This mans' story is amazing! Even if you're not on the spiritual path it's a great read.

I was blown away by this story of a young man who wouldn't stop until he found a way to get to the truth of his authentic self. After some early attempts to satisfy his desire for fulfillment in the outer world, he comes to the conclusion that he can only find true happiness through full immersion! He takes the bold step of joining a Buddhist Monastery in California with blind faith, and much trepidation! His time in the monastery proves to be the challenge of his life in many ways, as he faces and ultimately learns to move away from the tortures of "conditioned mind".
The journey he takes is inspiring, painful, and winding, but luckily he has a faithful companion who shares his journey through every step, and helps him make it to the other side, to a freedom that makes it all worthwhile. This book has struck home for me in a way that I haven't felt in many years, and is inspiring me to renew my own journey to the core of my being. Give it a try!