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The Gear Sort

November 9, 2016



The idea for the Ride for Peace and Justice occurred to me in July, I believe. Almost from the moment it dropped in I felt that this was the perfect action for me to take at this juncture in my life, and I knew that I would go. Since that time I have made my way step by step through the process of planning and preparation to this blessed day, and only sixty hours or so from my departure. I am full of joy and hope as finish laying the groundwork for my adventure and create the means through which I can share it with you.



The gear sort



A couple of days ago I performed the traditional “gear sort”, in which I placed everything I wanted to take with me on a big tarp and then culled it down to what I actually need and can carry. I have completed this exercise many times before, but this was different. Always in the past as I set out upon my solitary way there has been an apprehension that I am running away from something, but not this time. This time I feel that I am stepping forward. I sense the possibility of a new life, founded upon selflessness (to the best of my ability) and actualized through service. I can imagine this life taking many forms; I am willing for all of them and will follow wherever I am led—and I feel excited and grateful for the shape it’s taking right now. In less than three days I get to set off into the unknown on my bike. I can’t wait!


I have already explained in various ways the intention behind the ride, so I won’t trouble you with that here. Today I just wish to tell you a bit about what I will be up to and how you might follow along.


I am writing from Durango, Colorado. I will leave from here on Thursday morning and then start heading south to escape the cold. I plan to ride directly south to Gallup, New Mexico, dropping in elevation as I go, then begin to make my way west. My exact route will be determined by the weather, but the most likely course will take me through Flagstaff, Joshua Tree, then up the coast to San Francisco, where I will spend Christmas with family. After the holidays I will make my way back south and all the way to San Diego, then I will turn east and ride above the border with Mexico as far as I can before I need to return to Colorado in the spring. I will live outside, sleep on the ground, cook my food on a tiny camping stove, and spend my days riding from town to town, writing and talking with people.


It will be dark a lot of the time. I plan to spend the early morning and evening hours doing spiritual practice. I love to imagine myself sitting in meditation alone way out in the desert somewhere, or practicing yoga on the cliffs above the ocean at Big Sur. I hope to spend the night-times in silence, just listening to my heart and to the quiet voice of Life as the wind blows through the sage or the waves hammer the beaches.


My work right now is to set up ways in which people can follow the ride. I want to create several avenues that will allow others to see through my eyes and hear through my ears as I go along. The biggest piece of this work is a new website, which I am calling “The One Open Door” (theoneopendoor.org). I hope the new site to be a larger vessel than the current one, able to contain all I may do to support the practice of peace and compassion in the foreseeable future. It will also be more engaging and dynamic, with lots of photos and other interesting things. If all proceeds as planned the site will go live Wednesday evening. If you have subscribed to my current website I will move you over to the new site so that you continue to receive the blogs as they are published.


I am setting up a twitter feed that will provide access to the blogs (@theoneopendoor) and an instagram page (theoneopendoor). I will insert photos and video into the blogs that I create on the trip, but these will be somewhat limited; the instagram page will contain a great many more. I hope it will be fun and interesting to tag along with my adventure through these channels, and I would love to hear from you as I go.



It all fit!


Thank you, everyone, for your interest and support. I appreciate you all very much, and I wish you well in your own journey as you follow mine. Take good care of yourself, as I will do. May we all be safe. May we all be well. May we all be happy and at peace.

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