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Together We Can Change the World

October 23, 2016

Today, as a result of massive human overpopulation:

  • The forests are disappearing

  • The seas are dying

  • Animal, plant, and insect species are becoming extinct

  • The climate is changing

  • Sea levels are rising

  • Our air, earth, and water are being poisoned by pollution



  • Wars are raging

  • People of color are politically, socially, and economically oppressed

  • Women are subjugated and sometimes enslaved

  • Government and corporate corruption is institutionalized

  • Innocent people are imprisoned, tortured, and killed

  • The few control most of our resources while the many starve


We are in big trouble.


Why are we in such big trouble? Because humanity as a whole is unhappy. People who are unhappy act in cruel, ignorant, and selfish ways in order to compensate for their unhappiness. Happy people are naturally sensitive and compassionate, and act in the way that is best for all.


Why are we unhappy? Because we practice unhappiness in nearly every moment of every day. We live in stories about what is wrong, how we are deprived, how we are misunderstood or misused, and on and on. We lack the courage to be present to the beautiful and abundant world we live in, and choose to be victims instead.


Can we change the world? Yes. I don't know if we as a species have the magnanimity to do it, but I don't doubt at all that it can be done. The solutions to our problems are simple. The trouble is that they require great selflessness to accomplish. In order to change the world we must each change the world we live in, both internally and externally, to the best of our ability in every moment of every day.


How can we change the world right now? Here are some suggestions:

  • Meditate or pray.

  • Take a mindful and reflective walk in a quiet place, or just sit still for a while and pay attention.

  • Notice your many blessings and all you have to be grateful for.

  • Let go of self-judgment and self-hatred. Shower yourself with kindness and compassion instead.

  • Consider how you can be happy right now with what you have.

  • Smile at the people you meet and treat them kindly.

  • Practice loving people unconditionally.

  • Eat plant-based foods instead of meat, eggs, and dairy products

  • Work towards living at the level of what you need to have a full and good life, rather than at the level of what you believe you want.

  • Reduce your impact on the environment through your daily habits.

  • Care for the elderly, the sick, the sidelined, and the lonely.

  • Give what you have to those who need it.


A life devoted to making a difference is a happy life. We may each choose to train ourselves to be stewards of this earth and all who live upon it, knowing this is the way of peace and fulfillment. We may renounce our selfishness and work both for the good of the whole and for the joy of that work. Together we can change the world.



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