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Virtual Group Announcement, Take 2

Hello, everyone!

A couple days ago I posted an announcement about a virtual meditation and discussion group I want to start. Turns out the link to my email address in the post was no good, so it may be that people have tried to contact me about the group and think they have contacted me when in fact I haven't received anything from them. I have responded to everyone who contacted me about the group. If you attempted to contact me but have not received a response, that indicates that I never received your message. If you would be so kind as to message me again, I would be most grateful.

My email address is djmckay429@gmail.com. If you are receiving this post via email you can just reply.

For those of you who missed the original announcement, here it is!

Hey, Folks!

It’s been on my mind for some time to start a virtual meditation and discussion group, and I’m finally ready! I’m writing today to introduce the idea and to collect a group of people together who would like to participate.

Here’s how it will work:

We’ll get together once a week using Zoom (a video-conferencing platform). I’ll provide all the information you will need in order to connect to the group online. We also have a volunteer who is willing to help with the technical aspects of things and who will be available should you have any trouble logging on.

The format will be:

--a thirty-minute meditation, followed by

--a facilitated conversation lasting 45 minutes to an hour, during which people can bring up whatever issues they choose in regards to their practice, the things going on in their lives, and so on. This would be followed by

--a fifteen minute sit at the end.

If you feel you’d like to participate, let me know! If you are receiving this post via email, you can just reply. Otherwise please email me.

I’m not looking for any sort of commitment, just a willingness to jump in whenever you’re able. If you express interest I will put you on an email list to receive invitations to the group sessions so that you have the login information.

The times that would work for me to do the group would be Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evening at 7:00 eastern, Sunday morning at 9:00 or 10:00 eastern, or Sunday evening sometime. If you have preferences in this regard, please let me know and I will pick the time that works for the most people.

Feel free to forward this message on to others you know who may enjoy participating.

Thank you very much for considering the possibility, and I look forward to hearing from you if you’re interested! Take care, be well, and have a beautiful day.

In peace,