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  • D.J. McKay

One Way We are Denied Our Own Love

See if this is at all familiar:

As humans we all want love, right? If the human is real (i.e., not a piece of conditioning) then it won’t matter what form that love comes in. Love is love and it’s all good and all deeply satisfying.

From the point of view of conditioned mind, the way to cause that human to suffer is to deprive him/her of that love. How might that be accomplished? By putting a deceptive bit of conditioning there to absorb it instead.

By far the best piece of conditioning for the job is a victim. All we require in order to insert a victim between the love (that is our authentic nature) and the real human that needs it is a nice, juicy story. If I can be made to believe a story about how I want love but never get it, how I’m never going to get it, how the reason I won’t get it is because I’m not the person I should be, and so on, then all of my attention will go to the story instead of to the human, and the connection will be lost. The victim at the center of this story can just sit there and absorb all the life energy that could be going to the human; the victim can use the human, you might say, to get it’s own needs met. If any love does come my way the victim can just say that it’s not in the right form or from the right person, or some such thing and deflect it away. This is terribly difficult to catch on to because the victim says it wants love. In fact it wants to want love and not get it, which is a completely different thing.

How, then, to tell the difference between a real human and piece of conditioning? A real human is willing to be satisfied; conditioning is not. A real human wants love; conditioning wants deprivation. A real human wants peace and an end to suffering; conditioned mind is a program to cause and perpetuate suffering at the human’s expense.