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I hope you’re well and feeling good and happy today. I’m writing today to bring to your attention three newish podcasts you might enjoy. These are available anywhere you get your podcasts. I’ll also include some links in case that’s helpful. Here they are:


 The Enlightened Ego

About one of the trickiest and most subtle spiritual traps we can fall into. The basic work of our survival system is to create an identity to hide from Life within. It doesn’t matter at all what that identity is, so long as we are being an imaginary “self,” with all of its prejudices, egotistical desires, and destructive behaviors. One of the most difficult “selves” to recognize, often, is a “self” that has put on a spiritual outfit and uses spiritual language: an “enlightened ego,” in other words. Over the course of this podcast I describe the enlightened ego and various forms it can take, and I outline the difference between a practice centered on ego and a practice that is authentic. Also contains some words about the various Buddhist scandals that have happened over time.


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An Interview with Rich Ray

An interview with Rich Ray: former monk, yogi extraordinaire, wise being, and all-around great guy. Rich tells us the story of his life before and during his time at the monastery (which I found to be very interesting and helpful), and he talks about the intersection between his yoga practice and Zen awareness practice.


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Towards a Healthy Relationship with Thinking

Is thinking useful? At first glance the question seems ridiculous, but if we look into the effects of our habitual ways of thinking on individual human happiness (really detrimental), and on our ability to live in harmony with each other and with the other living beings on our planet (really, really detrimental), the question becomes more and more relevant. Thinking is useful, in the sense of helping us to live happy, healthy, deeply experienced lives–but only if it’s coming from a centered place. In this podcast I explore the sorts of thinking that are not helpful, the sorts that are, and how to know the difference.


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