Facilitating the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation

At the center of every human life stands a doorway that leads to true happiness.

This website is dedicated to the spiritual work which opens that door. 

To “suffer” in the Buddhist sense is to be trapped in the illusion of a “self” that is separate from Life—from the divine mystery that beautifully, harmoniously, and compassionately unfolds moment by moment. When we suffer we fail to recognize the majesty and the perfection of our lives, and we live instead in a fiction that says we are not as we should be, that there is something wrong, that we must inevitably be lost or confused, and/or that we lack what we most intimately need.

There is a work we may do to end suffering. This work requires us to turn inward through the practice of meditation, to pay attention, and over time to recognize and let go of the habits of thought and behavior that cause us to believe in a self that suffers. One who submits to this process with dedication and courage experiences a gradual transformation, and over time reunites with the joy, peace, wisdom, and compassion that is our authentic nature. This is the way that leads through the one open door to true happiness.

Ancient Wisdom Combined with Modern Psychological Tools

The practice supported through this website combines time-tested Buddhist wisdom with modern psychological understanding to create a clear, practical, and effective method of self-exploration. The awareness we cultivate through meditation supports our efforts to see into and let go of the processes that cause us to resist life and sabotages opportunities, to undermine our sense of adequacy and self-worth, to seek distraction and feed our insatiable appetites, and to indulge in unhappiness in all its other forms. As we practice we become more and more able instead to choose the natural and perfect unfolding of Life as it expresses itself in our unique circumstances and to let go of the artificial constrictions, contractions, and complaints that persist within our social conditioning.

This work requires the support of others who are following the same path and feel the same desire to end suffering. Nobody can do it alone. Here you will find support for the practice in the form of workshops, retreats, weekly virtual meditation groups, on-line classes, and one-on-one spiritual counseling

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